Tom Linsk

Musical performance requires these criteria for greatness: an unyielding passion for performing, boundless talent, a natural ability to entertain and captivate audiences, and, most of all, an innate, heart-felt connection to music.  Many performers can sing; however, few can transform their performances into expressions of genuine emotion.

Tom Linsk’s performance ability encompasses all these talents.  His unique approach to every song demonstrates how his versatility enthralls audiences.  Furthermore, Tom developed and perfected a style of his own, enhancing his performances into a realm of supreme quality.  He performs exceptionally in various styles – from standards, jazz, rock, and pop to contemporary music and crowd favorites.  He accomplishes this through his endless passion, delivering freshness with each song.

As a pianist, vocalist, and composer, Tom has established himself as a premier musical artist in the Chicagoland area.