Standing Room Only

The exceptional musicians of The Standing Room Only Orchestra can offer a variety of different sized bands to perform a wide selection of quality music for your wedding or other special events. Our musicians include two female lead vocalists, one male lead vocalist, keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, and a three-piece horn section.

Musical flexibility and over a decade of live experience provide quality music and entertainment for any special event.

Choose amongst our ten-piece orchestra, nine-piece performance orchestra, seven or six-piece band for non-stop dancing! For your cocktail or dinner hours, try our solo piano or solo guitar. Try out our jazz trio, quartet, or even our string quartet if you prefer a larger ensemble for your cocktail and dinner hours. Whatever your needs, The Standing Room Only Orchestra will accommodate you!

The Standing Room Only Orchestra will be completely set up from the moment your guests arrive, and music will fill the room. The Standing Room Only Orchestra can be involved in every aspect of your party. We take care of introductions, toasts, and announcements to keep your party moving! Just leave everything to us!

Tremendous talent, enthusiastic musicians, and utmost professionalism are what we promise. With The Standing Room Only Orchestra… “You’ll Never Leave The Dance Floor!”