Magical Balloon Dude – Dale

Spellbound by the balloon artistry and giggling in delight, audiences marvel at this family-friendly show orchestrated by Magical Balloon-dude Dale. Family Balloon Show: Imaginations soar wildly when an ordinary balloon transforms into a beloved cartoon character. Dale intertwines comedy, visual balloon art, and young guests become the stars of the show. Wedding Reception: The wedding reception is the finale to a special day, and having the right wedding entertainment is mandatory. Magical Balloon-dude Dale understands that this event is the most special day in your life, and prompt, professional wedding entertainment is required. Guests will watch in amazement as master balloonist Magical Balloon-dude Dale sculpts a three-foot balloon into a work of art or a balloon hat that is so cool, it warrants an appearance in wedding photos.

Holiday Balloon Entertainment: Enthusiastic guests swarm around the festivities— as if enchanted by the Pied Piper. Guest’s eyes gleam with delight as they watch these holiday works of art develop right in front of them. Customize a show for a theme, time, audience age, or points of interest at your event. Include special audience members to co-star in the performance.