Crazy Shots Photo Booth

Our Traditional Booth is available as on Open concept or a Closed Booth where people take their picture behind a curtain. It doesn’t matter what color your theme is, we will match it! How many companies can say that? We have many different curtain color choices and even more backdrop choices for you to choose from!

Slow Motion Booth
Guests will step in front of the lights and then the high speed camera will record an 8 second video. The video is then re-played to them in 10x Slow Motion. That 8 seconds turns into just over a minute. The guest will then e-mail the gallery link to themselves where they will receive it the next day. The Slow Motion Booth is the most viral of all photo activation booths. Our videos get shared an average of 1300% more than photos. And since we can fit up to 14 people in a single shot, that makes for a LOT of sharing! Case in point: the videos your users create will continue to build your brand far after the event is over. There isn’t a single job that is too big for our team. No matter the size of complexity, our ability to scale the booth to fit your event, gives us a unique level of flexibility.

360 Booth

What an exciting new 360 video booth opportunity to allow you to create excitement and social engagement at events. Give attendees a 360 view of your brand in easy to send video format. Our friendly staff will assist your guests to create stunning 360 videos to share on their social media channels. 360 Videos can be branded with intro and outro video clips. All videos have a mix of slow motion and high speed.


This is the newest thing to hit the market and we have it! It is TRENDY, FUN, VERY INTERACTIVE and is VERY USER FRIENDLY! Guests can choose between single pictures, GIF’s, Boomerang It is lightweight, 5′ tall and only 12″ wide (The light ring is 18″) No Power? No Problem. The Selfie Shotz Booth can run on batteries for up to 4 hours/day. Just rent one of our portable power source options or provide your own battery packs to use without electrical outlets.

The Roamer Booth

The Selfie Shotz Roaming Booth is 18″ in diameter. It has handles on the back to allow the freedom to be carried around. Unlike a photo booth that is sometimes tucked away in a tent, or stationary, our staff roams the party to capture photos everywhere! It’s a great concept and design. Having the ability to roam allows us to capture more guests photos and provide more social media exposure! We currently have 4 Roamers for larger crowds

The Projection Booth
The Projection Booth is done with our Selfie Shotz Digital Booth and a Projector. Unlike a photo booth this booth uses a projector to place a looping video image over the client to make a cool effects. Multiple types of videos can be used as the attended can help guests choose.

Vogue Booth

The HOTTEST thing right now and we have it!!!! This forward thinking idea was first introduced at the Met Gala by Vogue Magazine. In an age of GIF’s and Videos this is not meant to be a stationary booth. Their idea was to take the traditional photo booth and flip it on its head to create something futuristic and unexpected.

Green Screen Experience

We typically use our LED Open Booth for Green Screen Photography, but we can also do Green Screen with our Digital Booths as well. For those parties where you want your guests to be able to say they traveled anywhere they desire!!

Photo Op Experience

We can do photo op experiences using a camera on a tripod, tethered to a printer and studio lighting to capture larger interactive backgrounds.