Cigar Rollers

Cigar consultants will help plan with you to ensure one of the most successful features to your big event, even if you don’t know anything about cigars! A logo of your selection is also included for free on all of your CF Dominicana cigars with custom cigar bands. Master cigar rollers who are friendly, warm and selected specifically to be in contact with our clients are coordinated with our own event planners to guarantee a professionally executed flair to your event. Even if people aren’t cigar smokers, they make great party favors and take home gifts for people who are!

Cigar Rollers and Cigars for your event will be arranged to match perfectly with your party. Your cigar roller can be matched with Cigar Servers that walk around during your event. The best part is the cigars are great, the rollers are experienced with upscale affairs and know how to interact with guests which is really what it’s all about, entertainment for your guests.