Angela Eve-Neo Vintage Photo Booth

Angela Eve is an accomplished artist, producer, director, international variety burlesque performer, aerialist, and costume/set designer. Eve’s Parlor Productions initially helped kicked off the Neo burlesque movement in Chicago in 2004. Eve’s Parlor has since grown into a complete multi-media production company.

Eve’s Parlor team of artists and designers combine the finest elements of visual art, intricately designed costumes, and sets, creating a performance extravaganza.

Angela has once again created a style of her own with a neo-vintage photo booth. Designed just for your event, this booth is entirely customizable.

A one-of-a-kind vintage-style photo booth will surely attract attention. Vintage on the outside, high tech on the inside. High-quality printouts with email capabilities.

This customizable Booth w/unique props will be the best party favor you’ll ever give out, and they’ll love it!