Angela Eve & Eve’s Parlor Cabaret

Angela Eve is an accomplished artist, producer, director, international variety burlesque performer, aerialist, and costume/set designer. Eve’s Parlor Productions initially helped kicked off the Neo burlesque movement in Chicago in 2004. Eve’s Parlor has since grown to a full multi-media production company created with her partner Anastasios Ketsios. An explosive experience showcasing burlesque, circus, vaudeville, performing arts, fashion, photography, video, and a wide range of variety performers creating large to mid-level events. Eve’s Parlor team of artists and designers combine the finest elements of visual art, intricately designed costumes and sets, creating a performance extravaganza.

Chicago Tribune has hauled Angela Eve and Eve’s Parlor Cabaret as: “One of the top pioneers in the burlesque revival in Chicago.” Angela Eve is the artistic director of a weekly critically acclaimed show “Unbridled” at Untitled, one of Chicago’s top variety shows combining sexy circus, burlesque, sideshow, and performance art.

Angela Eve reached international status with her show in Ireland, Italy, and London and has been touring the country for the past ten years. She specializes in creating large-scale avant-guard variety productions such as her annual “Metropolis Ball” and significant music festivals & tours around the country: Pride Fest, Mountain Jam, Rothbury Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, Ozzfest. Additionally, living between Chicago and New Orleans while creating art and building a solid reputation for performing in New Orleans and showcasing performance art installations for The Museum Of Contemporary Art New Orleans and other city-wide events.