28 Days

28 Days can be best described as “Musical Tapas”, taking audiences through decades of hit song in bite-sized portions of audible delicacies. Bon appetite.

Since its inception in 2006, 28 Days has been performing for thousands of screaming fans, consistently delivering a non-stop, high-energy show to create an unrivaled musical experience. Like an I-Pod with all your favorite music, 28 Days delivers a wide range of music spanning many genres and decades of memorable hit songs serving audiences with a wide range of musical fare. Dubbed “Musical Tapas”, 28 Days dishes up an assortment of Country, Pop, Classic Rock, R&B, Dance, Disco, Motown and more, to satisfy your musical taste buds.

Whether opening for national acts like “Starship” or “Super Diamond” or performing at weddings, corporate events, festivals, clubs and other unique venues, 28 Days has audiences dancing from the first note to the last. Though known primarily for covering other artists, 28 Days was most recently selected to showcase its original music on an upcoming major Hollywood motion picture debuting in late 2012. Check out for yourself why 28 Days is one of Chicagoland’s hottest up and coming bands.