CoverGirls Lite

If you’re planning a cocktail reception or just want some fun background music and entertainment, CoverGirls Lite is the cure for the common comment “We’re looking for something different.”

CoverGirls Lite have a keyboard player and 3 CoverGirls violins to spice up your cocktail hour, performing hours of contemporary, stylish background music with just the right mix of ambiance and entertainment.

It’s our love of fun, music, and fashion that draws us together to share our unique brand of entertainment. The CoverGirls are some of the Chicago area’s most versatile and accomplished pop and professional rock string artists. The women of the CoverGirls Violin Show have toured and shared the stage with the legendary rock band Chicago, and have performed across the US alongside musical legends like CeeLo Green, Rod Stewart, Peter Gabriel, Kristin Chenoweth, Barry Manilow, Aretha Franklin, The Moody Blues, The Trans-Siberian Orchestra have performed for Deepak Chopra and entertained 3 of our US Presidents. The depth of musical talent demonstrated by the performers is formidable. In addition to being classically trained, many of the CoverGirls are gifted improvisers in the hip-hop, jazz, rock, and Latin idioms, bringing an exciting extra element of musicianship to our performances.