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What is a Production Company and Why Do You Need One?

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A production company is involved in every detail of the event from planning to the day of execution. Production companies take your ideas and bring them to life with their experience, skills and knowledge of the field. An event production company can be used for something as small as an intimate family gathering, or a large festival or conference event. 

Planning: When it comes to events large and small, there is an intense amount of planning that goes into each part of the event. Whether it be food, entertainment, lighting, itinerary and timing, and more. A production company guides you through the planning process, so they can turn your even your wildest and biggest ideas into reality. 

Equipment: When throwing an event or festival, you most likely will need lighting, sound, and other softwares. A production company can provide the equipment or vendor relationships you need, so your event looks great and runs with no problems. Lighting and sound are a big deal when it comes to festivals and conferences creating a lot of equipment set up, and sometimes permit or union considerations to manage. A production company, like Magnificent Events, would set up and provide you with your equipment and staffing needs so everything looks and sounds the way you want it to. 

Ensuring everything runs smoothly: Planning your event is one thing, but making sure everything runs smoothly the day of is also crucial. The production company will be at the event from the time everything is being set up to when everything gets taken down. Production companies will also have a back up plan just in case something does not go as planned. For example if it thunderstorms at your outdoor event, your production team will know how to safely manage vendors and equipment.

Strong networks: An experienced event production company most likely has connections to entertainers and talent, high quality vendors, security, union laborers and more. Working with a production company that has these types of strong connections means you will only get the best of the best for your event.