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Benefits of Hiring a Band AND DJ For Your Next Event

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Having a band and DJ at your event helps set the mood and theme for your guests. Have you ever attended an event where the guests started leaving early!? Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, gala, award dinner or festival, an entertainment team gets the crowd on their feet, and creates an experience that keeps them having fun until your event is over. It is a misconception that your event needs only a band or a DJ. At Magnificent Events, we have found our clients benefit most from having both types of entertainers. Check out some of the benefits of hiring a band…and DJ for your next event.

Ability to accommodate any genre or song seamlessly: Hiring a band and DJ means there’s room for accommodations and improvisations. If you’re having a themed event and need a certain genre played, both the band and DJ can work together to play the music your event needs. The DJ may even be able to add extra ordinary elements, MC work, or comic relief sounds to improve the bands performance.

No break in music: With both a band and DJ involved at your event, there will never be a moment where music is not playing. This will help fill any gaps of awkward silence, and will be the background music while people mingle and drink. Background music has the ability to make people more comfortable and amps up the atmosphere.

Crowd interaction: Having not only one, but a group of professional entertainers at your event that know how to get the crowd involved in the “show” makes the experience more lively and fun.Whether it be singing along, clapping, or dancing, a talented entertainer that can get the crowd on their feet and participating will make for a memorable event. 


Additional MC support: Having a band and DJ at your special event means you have an additional MC available to manage flow. As a host, you want to make sure everything runs smoothly but you also want to enjoy your event. Having an additional voice on the stage makes sure your event goes as planned, while making sure the you the host is attending the event, versus needing to “work” it.