It’s easy for any of us to send photos from our smartphones to others. However, professional event photographers c rapidly and privately share photos…until now!  SpotMyPhotos is an AI-powered cloud platform used by event professionals and photographers that lets your photos find you.

Photographers using SpotMyPhotos are able to send custom-branded versions of their photos straight from professional cameras to those photographed. Attendees only need to provide their phone number or email one time to get “spotted” in all their shots. SpotMyPhotos goes beyond facial recognition to automatically deliver attendees their private galleries instantly to their phones.

SpotMyPhotos grants photographers unprecedented control over how, when, and with whom the photos are shared with. For example, SpotMyPhotos can instantly share galleries for a true wow effect, or sharing can be scheduled to be transferred later, allowing photographers buffer time for editing and processing.

Beyond delivering photos, SpotMyPhotos provides a more significant ROI on those photos; as attendees share custom-branded versions of pictures on social media and beyond, the branding on the image goes along for the ride generating buzz and excitement around the event. Organizers can also receive access to their event’s photostream in real-time – great for sharing on social media.

We call it immediate photo gratification, and people love it!