The music begins, and a spirited, self-assured couple walks forward. The man shows up dressed in a fancy black tailcoat, and his posture and manner instantly suggest that of a ballroom dancer. On his hand is his eye-catching female partner. She moves gracefully with a spirited step in her fancy yellow dance dress. You immediately know this couple has class and that something magical is about to happen. With flair, he hands her a small green dress, and she clutches it to her front. She strikes a pose as he quickly raises a hoop with hanging fabric strips over her head, then drops it to the floor. Voila! The yellow dress is gone, and she is wearing the green one!

Huh? No way! How in the…? What’s going on?

This instantaneous change of wardrobe is just the beginning. You become instantly drawn to every move they make. Your emotions are scolding your intellect: You missed it! You must watch closely, maybe if you saw it from the back. Then your intellect snaps back at your emotions: But they are doing this surrounded by 22,000 people! They are smack dab in the middle of an NBA basketball court! You concede defeat at understanding and predicting this act and try to sit back and enjoy being baffled.