This interactive “Champagne Dress Server” is positioned in the entrance area, greeting the guests as they arrive. Her metallic cage dress serves up to 72 beverages at a time, holding a standard 6-ounce champagne glass or wine glasses. In addition, guests can self-serve directly off her “gown.” Glamorous, unique, and functional, this piece of living art is available with many themes to choose from.

Great for cocktail receptions, special events, galas, and wine tastings, the Champagne Dress is interactive yet practical and always creates a ‘buzz.’

The world is your oyster.  We can customize the server’s costume to match the theme, making it an entertainment centerpiece for your event. Floral elements can also be added to the dress. Additional fees may apply if custom decor pieces, makeup, or wardrobe are requested.

Available in gold or silver, the aluminum metal frame is about 3 feet tall and 60- 64 inches in circumference with wheels, making it easy to move on most surfaces. It is all in one piece and needs a clearance of 4’ 6” x 4’ 6” door clearance for load-in and load-out.